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Carbon Recovery Network is dedicated to the creation of the highest grade carbon currency created with Carbon One Tonne Projects. 

Our goal is to achieve Net Zero Emissions with everyone and Save The Planet,

 One Tonne at a Time.  

We Promote Projects and the Creation of Carbon Offsets, Credits and One Tonnes to be treated as currency on the Global Carbon Market.

 Feel free to contact our Project Advisory Group to discuss your Carbon Project needs.

2023 New North American Declaration

" We will continue to implement and build on commitments for climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, while renewing our focus on reducing methane emissions from all sources, with a new focus on waste methane. We will move swiftly to accelerate the energy transition by deploying clean energy solutions. In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, we reiterate our pledge to protect biodiversity. "

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Mexico City 

January 2023

What is a 

Carbon One Tonne?

Our Projects produce the highest value Carbon Credits.

 We develop a strategy based on a definitive carbon footprint comprised of company historical data.

 We include field data combined with the most recent satellite and atmospheric reports.

Total Emission Reports from Field Assessments


Carbon Recovery Report 

Carbon Connections on the Internet. Clink on the picture or link to read about Carbon One Tonne and Methane Credits

Methane Mitigation and Remediation Magazine - Coming Soon!

Project Advisory Team

Combined there are over 100 years experience with our Project Advisory Board. Lead by Bruce Chisholm & Sergio Cabral our Team determines the BEST methodologies you need to create the BEST One Tonne Carbon Credits

Global Government Effort

All around the world Governments have joined together, committed to stopping Climate Change extremes with Methane Mitigation and Remediation.


Develop the natural resources in your area. Create your own Micro Grid and Independent Power System for your Community. Create Green Energy by reducing leaks from local energy systems. Projects of every kind are happening. 


The experts all say the technology exists to run Power Grids more efficiently than ever. We can prevent accidental leakage into our environment. Our focus is on creating Carbon One Tonnes from leaking energy systems. 

New Technology

Satellite Data showing methane leaks as smoke on Info red camera. Fiber Optic monitoring of critical areas. The latest in accurate measuring equipment. The Technology to solve yesterday's problems TODAY!

Power and Energy

Original Utilities -  Developed as Sustainable Energy Grids complimented with Fiber Optic Monitored Zones. Self Reliant Energy Systems with Net Zero Carbon Footprint.

Taking care of nature

Working and Training Indigenous Tribes in North America to own and Operate their own Energy Grids and Systems. Rehabilitating abandoned well sites and sealing leaks found with monitoring and sensors.

Carbon Projects Advisory Board

Bruce Chisholm

Preemptive Pollution Initiatives Inc. 

Vancouver, B.C. 


Carbon Audit Projects

Sergio Cabral



Carbon Finance Director

Hugh Chisholm

 Hugh started  in Canada building pipelines and repairing oilfield valves. In 1977 helped his father start his own pipeline maintenance business. He moved to Houston, Texas in 1981 to open the Houston operation.

Hugh developed specialty products designed for maintenance and specialized in sealing leaking valves online and under pressure. This lead to Training pipeline employees in on-line valve maintenance. Eventually Hugh turned the Training into a course still being used by PETEX the Petroleum Training Center for the University of Texas locations  in Houston and Odessa, Texas.

That lead  to starting a Field Services division for pipeline companies then being asked to assist on the US / Gazprom Working Group in 1994. Hugh and Bruce lead the Technology Transfer for the field service engineers in Moscow, which kicked off the RusaGas Project in 1997 where a savings of over 30 million metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent was realized!

Hugh has worked since then with the United Nations Working Party on Gas in Europe as well as the US EPS Natural Gas Star Program. 

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