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Bruce and Hugh Chisholm. Hugh Chisholm began his career in a private firm Sealweld Corp and in 1980 he established the Houston Office ten years later the company was brought into the forefront of the US EPA Methane Stars program and he continues this cooperation today under the EPA Gas STAR program. Under the US EPA funding models Hugh assisted producer and transmission member companies in publishing two key case histories under the EPA program in the United States.
In the 1990’s he delivered and with his brother Bruce, developed the integrated solution approach while working with V.P. Al Gore Jr. as an energy policy advisor regarding the formation US EPA Gazprom Working Group.  As a subsequent part of these activities they assisted in the establishment of the valve maintenance-training program, in use today at the Gupkin Institute, Russia’s Oil and Gas Academy in Moscow. He also during this time transferred under a US, EPA grant, and a field demonstration of the proven valve maintenance approach.
During this time he also assisted in establishing the valve maintenance-training program in cooperation with the University of Texas in Austin.
Hugh Chisholm is widely known and respected in the US and international gas transmission industry and has served as key member to select industry committees.
He and his brother Bruce have published and presented several industry papers on the covering a variety of subjects related to valve maintenance and the environment.
In 1991 we were part of a UN delegation who with Bechtel Engineering identified Gazprom Transgaz systems as the world’s largest source of controllable methane emissions. In 1992 we began our international project support with the US EPA.
The Chisholm brothers also participated in one of the first projects implemented under US, Activities Implemented Jointly US AIJ projects, Rusagas. Summary background, in 1996, Rusagas US EPA AIJ pilot project, this early action international project used one of 3 prototypes Hi Flow Samplers.
More recently Hugh and Bruce Chisholm Products and services were used in the International Utility Partnerships under the US financial assistance in the IUP Methane to Markets program with Cherkasytransgas, a unit of Naftogaz of Ukraine.

Bruce Chisholm began his career in the seventies when he formed World Oil Field Consultants in order to construct drilling packages and provide on site 1st and 2nd Line Blow out prevention certification to drilling contractors. In the 80’s with Mr. Rick Prest, identified a major near shore opportunity in Santa Barbra California, then formed a bidding group consisting of both major and independent oil companies.
This project proposal targeted mitigation of the environmental effects of oil and gas exportation and development in highly sensitive areas using 3-D seismic in order to better plan extended reach wells from the onshore into the offshore.
In the nineties, in addition to the UN and subsequent US EPA projects in Russia, Bruce Chisholm also consulted to the World Bank in a Joint IFC -GEF in the first Bank sponsored CCS demonstration pilot project.
This project was the first bank-sponsored project for Carbon Capture and Sequestration in an oil and gas field.  Working with, what then Argentina’s second largest oil company, a successful technology transfer to the first ISO 14K certified upstream oil and gas upstream operation was completed.
Bruce Chisholm formed SWI UK in 1999 and became one of the founding members of the United Kingdom’s Emissions Trading Group, and also served as an Ad Hoc Expert on the UN ECE Blue Corridors project targeted a study of the feasibility of converting the European interstate highway system to alternative fuels [CNG LPG].
Sitting on two key committees as part of the Emissions Trading Group Executive SWIUK was instrumental in gaining approvals for the inclusion of Methane from natural gas transmission and distribution into the opening of the United Kingdoms Emissions trading system, the worlds first nation wide Kyoto Compliant regulatory trading system.
SWI UK then worked with Shell UK in creating and then delivering some of the first offsets in opening of the UK emissions trading system. We subsequently delivered to the UK and Canada a demonstration of our integrated pipeline audit approach using the High Flow Meter and an ECA 450 in order also undertake as is measurements of stationary combustion emissions in addition to applying a valve sealing solution while measurement is undertaken.
Bruce Chisholm also served as the Ad Hoc Expert Environment for the UN ECE Committee on Sustainable Development, Transportation in the Blue Corridors project. The BC project study targeted conversion of the European Interstate Hi-way network for alternative fuels. Gazprom is now proceeding with development proposals for this CNG network.
Bruce and Hugh Chisholm founded GGS. In 2005 with a venture capital group and successfully launched it as publicly traded company.
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
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