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NEW! Fibre Optic Security/Compliance system and leak measurement .

Basic System Configuration Diagram:
The system’s simplicity is enhanced by the fact that the sensor cable attached to the fence or pipe line requires no electronics, no electrical power, no periodic calibration and no maintenance in the field.  Additional key features of the system include:
The same fiber optic cable serves as both the sensor and the path for data flow.
Sensor cable, lead cable, and optical junction boxes are all optical, requiring no periodic maintenance or calibration.
No electronics in the field. All electronics are in a 19-inch rack in the monitoring station.
Any adjustments for individual zones can be made via pull-down menus at the CPU/operator console in the monitoring station.
System is completely unaffected by electromagnetic or radio frequency interference.
Uses sophisticated narrow band acoustic signal processing techniques to detect tampering while screening out noise.
The system can detect “Multiple Simultaneous Events”.
System automatically adjusts alarm setpoints based upon environmental conditions such as wind, rain, hail, etc.
Can adjust gain/alarm setpoints for individual zones located near noisy equipment from the operator console.
Automatically archives data from each zone for review at a later time.
Operator can select and listen to any desired zone via headphones or speakers.
System continuously self-monitors vital functions and alerts operator of problems.

                                                  How Does It Work?
The TDM Tamper Alert System is simple in application, though very sophisticated technologically. The system uses all-optical fiber optic cable as both sensor and communication medium. The fiber optic cable is divided into zones by means of factory applied Fiber Bragg Gratings. The key to the system is the unique ability of the fiber optic cable to sense minute changes in the strain applied to it. When there is movement or sound on the fence or pipeline, the strain on the fiber optic cable changes. That change in strain and the zone in which it occurs is then transferred via the fiber optic cable to the TDM / CPU and an alarm condition is sent to the PC and monitor.

We hope we can help you discover everything you want to know about Carbon Credits. There are many Carbon Credit projects around the world. Carbon Recovery Service & Supply  is focused on providing a combination of high-quality consulting services and supply of products from Houston, Texas.
If you have been working on any part of the carbon credit program, we will assist you completing the Sealing, Verification and Quantification steps necessary to produce credits from your pipeline. In many cases,you are already working with the pre approved service companies and product providers to finalize this process. It is a matter of putting these steps all together and finalizing your reporting process to management.Our program will administrate the following areas:

1. Complete Valve Maintenance product audit. What products does your company use to perform Valve Maintenance ?

2. Operator Qualification - Who in your company directs your Maintenance? Does this maintenance tie into Direct Inspection and Leak Measurement data?

3. Does your Risk Management department co-ordinate with the current Carbon Credit Verification companies to ensure all these steps create the most valuable asset for your company?

Let us walk you through these steps and help you get your BEST Management Practices take advantage of this money making program.

These steps can be applied to any company in the world in the assistance to create top grade Carbon Credits - C.E.R.'s.


Our goal is to provide you with a fool proof method for creating the highest value carbon credit currency from the smallest investment.
Our focus is generating CER's
"Certified Emission Reduction"  credits from pipeline projects world wide.We administer proven methodologies developed by industry, approved by Government world wide. We provide the #1 Industry Consultants and their products to create the Carbon Credit Currency you need. This is the most cost effective way to jump start your PROGRAM.

1. Determine the size of project in Carbon Tonnes
2. Pay CCS to produce Credits (7.00 per Tonne)
3. Add 3.00 per Tonne if you wish full audit supplied by CCS
4. Book the credits or deal with them as you wish ! 

We  specialize in  assisting with  the merger of end users and carbon credit purchasers. Contact us to design your program today. We create high grade quality carbon credits from pipelines. We can also assist your company supply it's products to create carbon credits through our Houston Supply chain network.

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We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We want to help you develop a winning action plan for pipeline carbon credits. By utilizing these partner manufacturers products and their procedures, Carbon Recovery Services & Supply is the cornerstone to your Carbon Credit Development.

JULY 2010
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The process involves ;
1. Finding and Measuring the Leak
2. Verifying the total leak amount
3. Purchasing the products you need with
Carbon Credit Currency
 Quality products developed by industry are used to accurately measure the leakage amounts.
Then measure the product loss from the gauge.
By utilizing our Carbon recovery Currency System, you will receive a brand new McDaniel Pressure Gauge to replace the old one.
Your company will benefit from the product saved AND the upgrade in facility with high grade components.
The final funding also includes a percentage of the Carbon Credits for your company !


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