One Tonne - Carbon Credit Markets
We represent a wide range of products designed to economically improve your production facility. From wellhead to pipeline distribution, these companies have products that get you well on your way to creating carbon credits from leaks within your system. Perform your own Carbon Currency Program.
We recommend and supply you with the finest quality products designed to SAVE you money. High performance, huge results from products designed to help reach your environmental goals.

By performing Direct Inspection and Maintenance of your pipeline valves you can improve the safe operating performance of your pipeline as well as create Quality Carbon Credits for the Global Market. Decrease your costs for consumable goods as well as generating revenue from greenhouse gas auditing.
We have developed specific techniques and procedures designed to save the valve from the most common types of seal damage and we have experienced valve technicians available for short and long-term contracts.
As a result of our over 30 years of field experience we have learned that the vast majority of valve seal problems occur during the construction, hydro-testing and commissioning phases of a new pipeline.
By Incorporating BEST Management Practices of the U.S. E.P.A. "STAR" FUGITIVE EMISSIONS PROGRAM, you can ensure the highest grading fro your Carbon Credits.
Natural Gas STAR partners share information on cost-effective methane emission reduction technologies and practices via submission of annual progress reports detailing their emissions reduction activities. To promote technology transfer and share industry best practices, the Natural Gas STAR Program provides information on cost-effective methane emission reduction opportunities through a variety of documents including Lessons Learned Studies, Partner Reported Opportunities (PRO) Fact Sheets, Technical Presentations, and Partner Update articles (to learn more, see descriptions of Natural Gas STAR technical resources below). Lessons Learned Studies and PRO Fact Sheets are also available in Chinese, Russian, and Spanish translations.

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