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Gas leaks raise fears for Pemex safety record

Authorities are warning people to stay away from a dangerous leak in an underground natural gas pipeline about 120 kilometres north of Bundaberg.
Mark Jackson from the Bundaberg disaster management group says the underground pipeline is in rural and remote areas and does not pass close to any houses.
Crews have been out since first light trying to the source of the leak, which was noticed last night.
People living in the area have been notified and are being warned to stay clear and contact police immediately if they see it.
The 10cm pipeline is one to two metres underground.
It has been turned off but Mr Jackson says it will take some time it to depressurise.
He says anyone about 100m away may hear a loud roaring sound and could see a mist cloud which smells.
"It's a fairly big rent in the pipe," he said.
"It'll be faily spectacular leak both visually and by sound.
"In its early stages when there's a lot of pressure it certainly won't be mistaken for much else."

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